Your Wearable Posture Coach

Glance is a wearable focus on your posture. It detects your run with professional data automatically without a single touch on the wrist or assist of mobile apps.


Run Free, Let Glance Do the Rest for You

Glance recognizes running automatically; you can run anytime without a single touch on the wrist or assist on the mobile apps. Let Glance take care of the rest for you.


Faster, Farther, More Accurate

Glance projects your calories burned by sensing whether you are walking, running or speeding up, and provides you with real-time professional data to make you a better runner.


See Your Progress in the Professional View

Glance’s development involves athletes and coaches. You can see your improvement in the professional view from the comprehensive and informative analysis.


is a wearable for serious runners. It tracks your run with professional and accurate data based on your posture automatically without a single touch on the wrist or assist of mobile apps

Key Features

Auto Tracking

Differentiate running from daily movements

Real-time analysis

Show on Glance instantly, without assist on mobile apps


Senses and analyzes motion in 3D space


Running Intensity, cadence, speed, duration, calorie

Run free

Run without carrying your phone. All details are analyzed inside Glance

Stay connected

Sports tips and news in Glance community

Fitness + Sleep monitor

Your 7/24 companion with active levels, minute by minute

Long-lasting Power

A single charge serves you 12 active days

Wrist Raise

Automatically show you professional running data, time and stat. of you when you raise your wrist

Time + Date

Just raise your wrist for time and date check, anywhere.

OR… Time + Intensity

To keep you active, Glance combines time and activity intensity together

ProRun Mode

ProRun Mode records your running details, minute by minute. Including distance, speed, intensity and cadence.


GLANCE records the steps you take.


GLANCE also calculate the calories you burned throughout the day.

Sleep Tracking

Monitor your sleeping quality. Record your restful time and improve your sleep by finding your awaken period.

Stunning Spec & Functionality
Wrist Raise

Automatically shows the time when raising wrist
Internal Memory

7-day detailed daily and sport motions tracked minute by minute
9D High Precision Sensors

Motion captured with multiple sensors
iOS and Andriod App

Detailed information of every day’s activities

Available in 4 colors :






Wrist Size

17cm – 22cm


Track and identify your activity and exercise real time, without use of mobile phone..


Running Intensity, calorie, duration, speed and distance on running auto switch, no key press


Steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes


Monitor your sleep, duration, set a silent alarm

Wrist Raise

Glance automatically show you time and stat. of you when you raise your wrist.

Sensor and Component

3-axis G-Sensor
3-axis Gyroscope
Vibration motor
LED indicator


Time and date

Batteries and Power

Battery life: up to 8 – 12 days
Battery type: Lithium-polymer
Charge time: Less than one hour
Radio transceiver: Bluetooth LE (Bluetooth Smart)

It is good to charge your Glance every few days to ensure you are always keep track on your achievements.


Tracks 7 days of detailed daily and sport motion – minute by minute, day and night.


Syncing require mobile device with Bluetooth LE connection.
Your record will sync to mobile device automatically when your turn on Glance mobile apps.

 What’s included

Glance Core
USB cable
Charging cradle
Quick start guide


System Requirement

Android: 4.3 or above
iOS: iOS8.0 or above
Mobile phone with Bluetooth LE

*Apple devices with Bluetooth LE:
iPhone 4s or later
iPad 3rd generation or later
iPod Touch 5th generation or later
All iPad Pro models
All iPad mini models

Environmental Requirements

Operating temperature: -4° to 113° F
Maximum operating altitute: 30,000 feet

Glance Wearable

HKD $1299

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